In a nutshell:
  • Messaging
  • Animation and film
  • Creative collateral

AXIS Network

Creating an inclusive offshore workplace

As the energy sector continues to focus on attracting, developing, and retaining talent that will help the industry transition, creating an inclusive offshore workplace has never been more important. Our client, AXIS Network, has collaborated closely with Step Change in Safety to research this area, and we’re proud to have helped showcase its findings. 

Our aim was to ensure we reached audiences that are influential in the offshore working environment to stimulate further discussion and understanding of the issues. We delivered a clear, concise and engaging suite of collateral that effectively communicated the outcomes of research, and created a platform for further communication of inclusivity issues to a wide range of companies within the sector.

We created an infographic which allowed audiences to easily understand the key messaging and delivered a highly memorable piece of content, instantly raising awareness of a problematic area within offshore working.

We also delivered an animation, presenting research findings with clarity and precision, which launched a narrative around the topic. This assisted with engaging our target audiences, and importantly – encouraged viewers to explore more.

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